Thursday, December 12, 2013

Best Restaurant For A Date

How To Choose A Good Restaurant For A Date

Food is more than fuel for our bodies, especially on a date. It becomes a celebration, a first impression and an ice breaker if all else fails. If you are dating someone for the first time, and you would like for it to go well, then you must choose the restaurant with the utmost care and attention to detail. One bad move and you could ruin what might have been the beginning of something beautiful. On the other hand, a really good choice could very well save you from sheer disaster. Here are some great resources on dating: www.motiive.net, and text your ex back.

If this is a first date, then take the time to get to know a little bit about your companion's preferences. There is nothing worse than showing up in front of the local steak house only to find out that your date is a die hard vegetarian. If you know any of her friends or family, pick their brains for her favorite meals or any other tidbits. It will make you look like a very caring man and you start the evening off already ahead on "points."
Skip the five star places, you will either come off looking pretentious or pathetic. Save those places for special occasions later in the relationship. On the other hand, don't go totally cheap and try a fast food place either; nothing says I don't care like a date that starts off with talking into a plastic clown head. Your best bet is to choose a mid-price, sit down type restaurant with a wide ranging menu. Most places can accommodate special requests, so don't be afraid to ask. 
Choosing a good restaurant for your date also means choosing to dress appropriately and to use good manners as well. Don't think you are going to get very far with a date if you have just walked up to the door of a very nice, Italian restaurant in shorts, a tank top and flip flops. Humiliation is not an aphrodisiac, trust me. Do show up nicely dressed, and hold the door open for her - good manners never go out of style. 
At the table, decide whether or not you will order for both of you, or if she would prefer to give her selection to the server herself. Some women think that is urbane and sophisticated for the man to order for the woman, but others find it creepy and demeaning, so ask first. Watch for her cues for your own behavior. If she does not even glance at the wine menu, ask if she would mind if you had a glass first. She might be anti-alcohol, and your glass of wine may just cost you big time.
Definitely offer her dessert. If she refuses, but does so rather reluctantly, then order her something to go, or offer to split her choice with her. (If it is chocolate, you will have earned major brownie points, pardon the pun).
Lastly, when the check comes, don't make some huge production about paying it. If she wants to pay part, and you want to pay the whole thing, do not ruin a nice evening with an argument. Suggest that she pay the tip, or pay for the movie. Or better yet, tell her that she can buy the meal on your next date. You have just deflected potential hurt feelings, and asked for a second date in one smooth move. You have to admire an efficient man! Click here to learn more.